Spencer Whiteley


Name: Spencer Whiteley DOB: 25/03/78 Profession: Crossfit athlete

CrossFit athlete, compete at National, European and World level.

 "I left the Army in 2010 having been very seriously injured whilst serving on Operations in 2007 in Iraq. Having spent 2 years in rehabilitation after many operations i was medically discharged. I was still unable to function properly and required more physio and rehabilitation but decided it was time for me to go and find a new career whilst i was still young enough, i was 32 at the time. Having spent my whole life playing rugby and being a physical training instructor i was determined not to just let my injuries dictate what i did in the future.

I trained alone for about a year before i discovered CrossFit at a local gym in my town in about 2011/12, at this point i could not even walk properly let alone go hard at workouts, however the functional and scalable side of CrossFit is what lured me in. After about 2 years of relentless training i managed to get myself to a level where i could compete at CrossFit at a local level. Over the next few years i kept progressing qualifying for National level competitions.

Eventually in early 2015 i opened a CrossFit Gym with my wife, which has been going from strength to strength year on year and we are now approaching our 3 year point. Coaching and my drive to learn and be the best possible coach is my passion along with being the best i can be as an athlete. I also still work full time as a regional manager in the water industry. Life is very busy but i wouldn't have it any other way."



Goals -
My short term goal is to perform well at the German Throwdown in November then have a solid and focussed off season in preperation for the World wide CrossFit Open competition in Feb 2018.

My Medium Term Goal is to make the top 50 Worldwide, top 5 Europe, top in UK in the CrossFit Opens 2018 40-44 category. Then have a good competative season making podium in 3 major European Competitions in 2018.

Long term goals are to stay healthy, keep improving and have a healthy work life balance..


  • Crossfit Open 2017, 70th Worldwide (35,000 in my category 35-39), 10th Europe, 3rd in UK..
  • Greek Throwdown 35-39, 1st Place.
  • Body Power Games Elite Team 3rd.
  • Body Power Games Individual 35-39, 2nd.
  • French Throwdown Individual 35-39, 8th.
  • Masterclasses Individual 35-39, 1st.
  • One and All Games Team, 2nd.
  • European Inferno Elite Pairs, 3rd.

ADV products used

PERFORMANCE+ Watermelon BCAA AMINO+ Tropical Berry Cyclone Cup 32oz Black