Ashley Bryant Down Under at the Commonwealth Games!

Having withdrawn with an adductor injury from the Commonwealth games just 4 days before my flight, I made the decision to fly out anyway to help Melissa Courtney my partner and Ben my Decathlon training partner. As well as rehab in Aus and get away from the UK!!


A 10 day block in the Sunshine Coast for final preparations and fine tuning for the athletes. And for me, coaching the Dec guys, and helping a few other athletes out with a number of coaching sessions.


My partner Melissa is entered in both the 1500m and 5k for Wales. Her first games she’s arrived in great shape and on the same day I arrived she was racing having flown out 10 days before, running a Euro Qualification time and her fastest ever opener!


After the holding camp they traveled to the village and it was soon competition time. It was hard watching the decathletes but nice that Melissa was competing on the same nights to distract me!

She qualified with ease, and showed her intent for the final was not just to make up the numbers!

The Decathlon was a great competition in the Aus sun and support from the crowd. The decathletes battled for two days oand finished in front of a packed stadium running their 1500m just before Melissa’s final!

Seeing the medals go for under 8000 points was very hard to watch having scored above this in all major champs. Ben battled a bad knee sprain to finished 7th in what has to be considered a mighty effort as we where unsure if he could finish the first race!!!

 Then came the rain, and Melissa’s 1500m final, and a technical equipment error on the line causing a 10 min delay! She raced to perfection timing her finish to perfection, kicking past the home Australian athlete in the last 100m to take bronze!!!

Having withdrawn and having disappointment myself, this is the best conciliation prize possible!! 

Melissa Courtney, 1500m Bronze medalist!